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Article 694, Small Wind Electric Systems was developed by this working group and became part of the NEC in 2011.

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The Deadline for Submitting Proposals for the 2014 NEC is November 4, 2011.

694.1 Scope . The provisions of this article apply to small wind (turbine) electric systems that consist of one or more wind electric generators with individual generators having a rated power up to and including 100 kW. These systems can include generators, alternators, inverters, and controllers.

Informational Note: Small wind electric systems can be interactive with other electrical power production sources or might be stand-alone systems. These systems can have ac or dc output, with or without electrical energy storage, such as batteries. See Informational Note Figures 694.1 and 694.2.

Block Diagram 1

Informational Note Figure 694.1 Identification of Small Wind Electric System Components – Interactive System.

Block Diagram 2

Informational Note Figure 694.2 Identification of Small Wind Electric System Components – Stand-Alone System.